With the summer holidays now coming to an end, autumn is just around the corner, meaning it’ll soon be time to watch the falling leaves and wrap up warm and cosy. Why not embrace the changing seasons and bring autumn into your home? You won’t need to give your home a complete makeover to add an autumnal touch; just a few select items and decorations should help do the trick. Here’s just a few suggestions of items you can add to your home ready for when the autumn months draw in.


Wind chimes

Autumn home interior design ideas – metal and bamboo indoor and outdoor wind chimes


With the autumn season comes cooler temperatures and an altogether breezier climate, meaning it’s the perfect time to introduce some wind chimes to your home. Whether you decide to hang them indoors or outdoors, these twinkling chimes will sound every time they pick up a breeze – the perfect sound of home for the autumn. With chimes available made from bamboo and metal, you can choose the sound that best suits you – will it be the gentle tinkling of metal or the hollower tones of the bamboo?

Autumn animals

Autumn home interior design ideas – golden painted owl ornaments


Among the animals associated with the Great British autumn are squirrels, foxes, hedgehogs and owls, which can be found throughout the woodlands and creeping through your hedgerows during this time of year. If you’re an animal lover, decorations centred around these creatures will not only show your passion for animals but also add a touch of autumn to your home. We’ve got a cute felt Mr Fox hanging, perfect for decorating a child’s room, as well as a beautiful owl ornaments set. An owl’s hoots are the sounds of the autumn, heard echoing around the countryside throughout the quiet nights, so what better way to bring autumn into your home than with this set? It’s also finished in gold to add some extra warmth to your home.

Scented candles

Autumn home interior design ideas – handmade scented candle tins


Adding some extra warmth to your home with their flickering flame, scented candles are perfect for autumn, with their fragrance also helping you to further relax and get cosy. Our scented candles have long burning times meaning you won’t have to go without an amazing-smelling home this autumn!