Have you been away in the sun this year? Just imagine if you could bring your holiday back home with you. Well, your house is your living space, so why not let your imagination run free in your home decorating choices, and capture the heart and soul of your holiday within your own four walls. After all, home decor is about making your environment fit with your personality and your life. So, how about using your home accessories to conjure up a Mediterranean theme.

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Let’s look at the basics of Mediterranean home decor. A simple route to a Mediterranean feel is to paint the walls white. The whitewashed feel will really set off your home accessories and let your decor do the talking for you. You need to think laid-back, simple, rustic and natural. Wood is good, as is the occasional glimmer of hammered metal in a feature lampshade or a tasteful picture frame. Try displaying vases or wide plates in geometric patterns. The occasional statement piece - perhaps a well-chosen cushion cover - could really set off the room. Distressed wood with a natural and chunky feel will do wonders. Just the right shades of blue or terracotta are important. Keep colours to a minimum though, and don’t be tempted to complicate the colour scheme or over-style. The look needs to feel casual and accessible.

How about bringing the outside in. A dining room or lounge with access to the garden can be brought to life by introducing outside touches inside, and enhancing the living space outside with accessories such as our decorative windchimes. Get a taste of Mediterranean dining in your own backyard. If you're not ready to go the whole way in making your home a Mediterranean sanctuary, you could at least take inspiration in the odd touch here and there. Even a simple candle holder with the colours and textures influenced by your time away.

Choosing the right finishing touches for your home interior can make all the difference. Whether you’re entertaining your best friends with a homemade Greek salad, or just kicking off your shoes and snuggling up for a glass of ouzo and some olives, a Mediterranean look could transform your home.