Buddha statues are versatile presents. The many teachings of the Buddha can bring hope and joy to many people celebrating milestones, through the symbolism of the Buddha statue. Commonly known for a symbol of good luck and enlightenment Buddha gifts can be a meaningful present to give.


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Buddhas make the perfect gift for anyone who is starting a 9-5 office job. Going into a new work environment can often leave people feeling stressed or nervous. Buddha statues are considered a symbol of peace and tranquility, radiating an atmosphere of calm for anyone in their presence. For people with busy lives, the Buddha statue can be a welcomed gift to restore a sense of spiritual balance.


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For anyone off to University this Autumn or starting a new creative venture, the Buddha statue can help them achieve their goals, making it an ideal decoration for their desk. Often mistaken as an idol of worship, the Buddha represents a human being in Buddhist stories who sought and achieved enlightenment and bestowed his pearls of wisdom upon all that followed him. The story of the Buddha highlights that it is okay to fail, and fail again- it is the only way that we can grow as individuals.


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Buddha statues can also be the best gift to give to loved ones who are decorating their new home. Renowned as a figure of good luck, the Buddha watches over anyone in his presence. It is best to position the Buddha above eye level to ensure he bestows his good luck on the happy occupants. It can be seen as a sign of disrespect to place a Buddha below eye level and the occupants will not benefit from his good aura.


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The Buddha believed everything in your life should bring you happiness, and there is probably nothing more wonderful than a new bundle of joy. The Buddha statue is a great gift to place in the nursery to look over a new baby. The Buddha teachings remind us all to be patient, even when our journeys may be challenging.  A Buddha gift can act as a gentle reminder of the lessons learnt.


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If a close friend or family member needs a pick-me-up, why not get them a Buddha? The Buddha statues with their plump bellies and happy expressions are the best way to cheer someone up. Commonly known as the ‘Laughing Buddha’, they bring their owners plenitude of whatever they are in need of. For your green fingered friends, a Buddha gift can be a great gift to incorporate into their garden design. The Buddha can be used to create a small haven for reflection.

For any occasion, there is a perfect Buddha gift.