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  1. How Do Dream Catchers Work?

    The dream catcher is a great gift for people who love spiritual and mystic decorations, or even a great treat for yourself to add personality to your home decoration! Dream catchers are beautiful decorations for the bedroom and can come in a variation of colours and sizes, but their spiritual symbolism is something that adds great value to the lives of people who have them. Dream catchers make great spiritual and mystic decorations Continue reading →
  2. How did people wake up for work before alarm clocks?

    Bedside clocks have allowed us to keep our lives organised and punctual, making sure we wake up bright and early for work or events. Having an alarm clock on a bedside cabinet makes sure you wake up in plenty of time, avoiding the panic of rushing everywhere. But have you ever wondered how people woke up for work before alarm clocks were invented? Bedside clocks, alarm clocks, waking up methods, routine, work, History, Industrial Revolution Continue reading →
  3. How different scented candles can help boost your mood

    Smell is one of the most powerful senses we have as human beings. Our sense of smell can provoke heart-warming memories and improve our emotional well-being.This is because of the way the brain is wired. The olfactory nerve, which logs smells, is closely connected to the areas in the brain that processes memories and emotions. This is why certain smells can trigger specific memories or emotions in us. But what scented candle tins should you be buying for certain moods? Candles, scented candle tins, relax, aromatherapy,   Continue reading →
  4. 5 Occasions that Buddha gifts make the perfect gift for

    Buddha statues are versatile presents. The many teachings of the Buddha can bring hope and joy to many people celebrating milestones, through the symbolism of the Buddha statue. Commonly known for a symbol of good luck and enlightenment Buddha gifts can be a meaningful present to give.  1. NEW JOB New Office Job Working Gift Ideas for Desk Continue reading →
  5. Why giving gifts is good for you

    Everyone loves receiving gifts, that’s obvious. Just imagine a great big gift-wrapped present tied up with an enormous bow. It’s a stereotypical picture of happiness. But now let’s talk about giving. When’s the last time you gave a gift not because you had to out of duty, but because you just wanted to? A person giving three small gifts bought from Purple Sunrise Continue reading →

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