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Home Decoration

  1. The Do’s and Don’ts of Home Decorating

    Home decoration doesn’t need too many rules. But there are some clear guidelines it’s worth bearing in mind if you want to make the most of the occasion and avoid some major mishaps. Whether you’re going for a complete upheaval and design renovation, or just looking for a fresh coat of paint and to put up new season photo frames and home accessories, let’s get your home decor doing the job it needs to do. Home decoration guides and samples Continue reading →
  2. How Do Dream Catchers Work?

    The dream catcher is a great gift for people who love spiritual and mystic decorations, or even a great treat for yourself to add personality to your home decoration! Dream catchers are beautiful decorations for the bedroom and can come in a variation of colours and sizes, but their spiritual symbolism is something that adds great value to the lives of people who have them. Dream catchers make great spiritual and mystic decorations Continue reading →
  3. Top tips on how to transform a small bathroom

    It’s always a big treat when the bathroom is due for a makeover. Even if it literally is the smallest room in your home, it’s still also one that speaks volumes to your guests when they come for a visit and it’s also a tiny secret oasis of refreshment in your living space every day. The bathroom is one of those rooms that will give you the feel of a big change in home decor with only a few careful touches. Here are some ideas to get you started. plain white bathroom with a glass candle jar Continue reading →
  4. How to determine your personality type by the books you read

    Whether you’re the type of person that has a mountain of books, supported by decorative bookends, that fill your shelves or if you’re a lover of a handful of books you can determine your personality type by your choices according to a recent study. Girl jumping in front of a decorative sunset after finishing a book Continue reading →
  5. How did people wake up for work before alarm clocks?

    Bedside clocks have allowed us to keep our lives organised and punctual, making sure we wake up bright and early for work or events. Having an alarm clock on a bedside cabinet makes sure you wake up in plenty of time, avoiding the panic of rushing everywhere. But have you ever wondered how people woke up for work before alarm clocks were invented? Bedside clocks, alarm clocks, waking up methods, routine, work, History, Industrial Revolution Continue reading →
  6. How different scented candles can help boost your mood

    Smell is one of the most powerful senses we have as human beings. Our sense of smell can provoke heart-warming memories and improve our emotional well-being.This is because of the way the brain is wired. The olfactory nerve, which logs smells, is closely connected to the areas in the brain that processes memories and emotions. This is why certain smells can trigger specific memories or emotions in us. But what scented candle tins should you be buying for certain moods? Candles, scented candle tins, relax, aromatherapy,   Continue reading →
  7. Home decoration tips to help you sleep better

    If you find that you have trouble sleeping at night, we may have a solution for you that you may not have expected. By changing the layout, colour scheme, or bedding in your bedroom, you may see a positive change in your sleeping habits. woman sleeping better with a minimally decorated room Continue reading →
  8. How to get your home ready for autumn

    With the summer holidays now coming to an end, autumn is just around the corner, meaning it’ll soon be time to watch the falling leaves and wrap up warm and cosy. Why not embrace the changing seasons and bring autumn into your home? You won’t need to give your home a complete makeover to add an autumnal touch; just a few select items and decorations should help do the trick. Here’s just a few suggestions of items you can add to your home ready for when the autumn months draw in.   Wind chimes Autumn home interior design ideas – metal and bamboo indoor and outdoor wind chimes   Continue reading →
  9. Research shows the possible future of home decoration

    New research conducted by Matalan has revealed the possible future for home decoration, where we have robot chefs and self-decorating rooms, allowing us more free time to enjoy leisure activities. But is this really what we want for the future? decorate your office with wall art signs Continue reading →
  10. Bring the Mediterranean into your home!

    Have you been away in the sun this year? Just imagine if you could bring your holiday back home with you. Well, your house is your living space, so why not let your imagination run free in your home decorating choices, and capture the heart and soul of your holiday within your own four walls. After all, home decor is about making your environment fit with your personality and your life. So, how about using your home accessories to conjure up a Mediterranean theme. achieve med styling in your home with our decorative windchimes Continue reading →

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