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  1. How Do Dream Catchers Work?

    The dream catcher is a great gift for people who love spiritual and mystic decorations, or even a great treat for yourself to add personality to your home decoration! Dream catchers are beautiful decorations for the bedroom and can come in a variation of colours and sizes, but their spiritual symbolism is something that adds great value to the lives of people who have them. Dream catchers make great spiritual and mystic decorations Continue reading →
  2. How Buddhist Meditation Can Improve Your Life

    Meditation is a mental and physical activity that helps an individual separate themselves from their thoughts and feelings with the purpose of becoming fully aware. It is used within many religions and has increasingly been used in therapy to encourage good mental and physical health. Girl learning Buddhist meditation in natural, beautiful cliff landscape. Continue reading →
  3. How to determine your personality type by the books you read

    Whether you’re the type of person that has a mountain of books, supported by decorative bookends, that fill your shelves or if you’re a lover of a handful of books you can determine your personality type by your choices according to a recent study. Girl jumping in front of a decorative sunset after finishing a book Continue reading →
  4. Tips on making your home one for all the family!

    For some people, living the dream means having a home that is always clean and tidy, with brand new home accessories and decorations, everything spotless and beautiful. But in the real world, your home needs to be a place for real life. It’s the place where your children will want to play and explore. It’s somewhere you’ll want to entertain and have fun. It’s somewhere you all need to feel relaxed. In short, you need to make your living space work for the whole family. home decoration image with decorative photo frames Continue reading →
  5. Celebrity interior designers reveal their most interesting requests

    You’ve likely heard many stories about diva celebrities, requesting many odd things for their plane journey or dressing room or flash cars, but how much have you heard about their home decoration needs? We’re here with five confessions from celebrity designers of some of the most eccentric requests and conflicts from over the years. quirky home décor gifts including pineapple bookends Continue reading →
  6. What is cold cast bronze?

    What is a cold cast bronze? Most of the cold cast figures & ornaments on PurpleSunrise.com are bronze coloured - hence the name cold cast bronze! The technique used for making cold cast items involves coating the inside of a silicon mould with finely powdered metal (eg Bronze) and then filling the mould with a mixture of resin and calcite...
  7. Candles in the news ..

    An update from St Eval candle Co. As a Company, St Eval pride ourselves on sourcing the very best ingredients for all our products but safety is our utmost priority.  Whilst some of our fragrances contain Limonene we have no concerns with regard to its safety.  Please find below a response prepared by the British Candle Makers Federation in conjunction...

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