You’ve likely heard many stories about diva celebrities, requesting many odd things for their plane journey or dressing room or flash cars, but how much have you heard about their home decoration needs? We’re here with five confessions from celebrity designers of some of the most eccentric requests and conflicts from over the years.

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As a celebrity, living life in the limelight can be exhausting, so their home is treated like their sanctuary, away from the media and their metaphorical parallel life. So most celebrities think of their homes as a haven, and although some are – surprisingly – very money conscious, they often will risk all to ensure that their homes really are their most prized possession for them to enjoy once the celebrity boots are hung up each day.

Celebrities are the biggest divas; one designer confesses that their team once had to take a pool out and re-fit it three times, the reason behind this being that the tiles didn’t quite fit the original colour scheme. Clients who have a lot of wealth from non-celebrity means tend to be more generous with their budgets and splash the cash a little more.

Bathrooms and kitchens are the main rooms that celebs like to really go all out with, with the fanciest fittings and luxurious additions: heated toilet seats, sauna baths, everything you could ever dream of. One celebrity requested the entire bathroom be a mirrored surface, from floor to ceiling; the designer commented that the finished look was ‘very creepy’.

When designing a home for a celebrity, the designers questioned noted that everyone in the house is catered for – even the pets! This can often cause arguments between those involved in the design process and the designer has to be a mediator, catering to each individual’s needs. One client requested a separate dog shower to be placed near the back entrance to the house with beautifully hand-painted tiles.

Musicians are a favourite client for designers, with one of the anonymous designers commenting: “Musicians are incredibly creative. The ideas that come out of our work sessions are pretty brilliant. They really are creative from a music standpoint, which is very poetic; they take their time to hone their craft and its really respectful.”

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