Whether you’re the type of person that has a mountain of books, supported by decorative bookends, that fill your shelves or if you’re a lover of a handful of books you can determine your personality type by your choices according to a recent study.

Girl jumping in front of a decorative sunset after finishing a book

The study was conducted by psychologists at the University of Texas, and involved more than 3,000 people. The psychologists found a correlation between book preferences and the personality type and education level of the respondents.

To determine your personality-type pick one of the following genres that captivates you:

  1. Romance, cooking and religion
  2. Arts and humanities, classics, foreign and poetry
  3. Horror, cult and erotic
  4. Action, Adventure, Thrillers, Sci-Fi and Spy
  5. Factual and non-fiction

Your answer will determine which of the five personality types you fall into.

Answer 1) COMMUNAL

Communal personality types are loving and empathetic individuals.


If you chose this answer you are well-educated and good at abstract reasoning, according to the psychologists.  You are described as calm and introspective.

Answer 3) DARK

Fans of dark topics are also well-educated and good at abstract reasoning. They differ from Aesthetic personality types through their provocative, outgoing and risky behaviour traits.


Thriller lovers show no consistent characteristics other than being predominantly male. Their personality and behaviour is unpredictable and not able to categorise according the psychologists.

Answer 5) CEREBRAL

Cerebral personality types are described as well organised, enterprising and self-assured. They can often dislike working with others.

What personality type did you get?