Salt lamps - What are they, why are they popular, and why do I want one?

The Himalayan salt lamp has never been more popular, but why is that?

First though, what is a Himalayan salt lamp ?

They are, in effect, a lamp shade made from rough hewn natural rocksalt. Genuine Himalayan salt comes from the Punjab region of Pakistan, to the West of the Himalayan Mountains.

The beautiful salt lamp colour comes from the inclusion of iron and over 80 other minerals within the salt crystal. The richer the iron content, the richer the pinks, oranges and reds appear in the crystal.

Switching on the salt lamp creates a very pleasant, warm and cosy glow.

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Why are Himalayan salt lamps popular today?

Partly due to their perceived health benefits (more later), but also, it's because they are so photogenic and look fabulous on social media !

Rock salt lights are very appealing and make eye-catching photos because they create a warm, inviting light that helps make you feel relaxed.

Salt lamp health benefits (the beliefs)

Salt lamps reduce the amount of positive ions in the air through the creation of negative ions which neutralise the air around us.
It is thought that positive ions which are generated by everyday objects such as televisions, computers and mobile phones contribute to ill health, fatigue and stress.

Why not try ...

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