If you find that you have trouble sleeping at night, we may have a solution for you that you may not have expected. By changing the layout, colour scheme, or bedding in your bedroom, you may see a positive change in your sleeping habits.

woman sleeping better with a minimally decorated room

Colour Scheme

Maybe the colour scheme in your room is too loud or chaotic this may affect the way your brain works as you try to fall into a slumber. Keeping the number of colours to a minimum and with a fairly neutral colour palette can aid your sleeping habits. A Travelodge survey revealed that blue was the most calming colour which resulted in the best quality night’s sleep. “There are specialised receptors called ganglion cells in the retina part of our eyes, which are most sensitive to the colour blue. These receptors feed information into an area deep in our brain that controls 24 hour rhythms, and affects how we perform and feel during the day,” commented sleep expert Chris Idzikowski.


If your bed is comfortable you are more likely to sleep better, this is a very simple but effective concept. Have you considered changing your duvet, pillows or mattress recently? This could greatly help your night-time needs. Another factor is also the quality of your bedding, you can match the colours of the bedding to your new calming colour scheme, and try to buy 100% cotton fabrics if you can, this helps your body to regulate heat better for ultimate comfort.


We’ve known for years that getting rid of all technology in the bedroom allows for a better level of sleep. Looking at a screen before you go to bed negatively impacts the way your brain processes as you fall asleep, so watching television or scrolling through social media is not the way to go. Read a book or magazine to relax a little easier into your night-time slumber.


If your room is balanced and centred, you are likely to have a good night’s sleep. There are recommended ways of laying out a room to help you feel the effects of your quality sleep. Symmetry is generally aesthetically pleasing, so try to keep the room equal, and ensure that everything is accessible from both sides, especially the bed! When following feng shui guidelines, you should never point your bed towards the door, so bare that in mind when you organise the layout.


The last aspect is that your bedroom should feel like your own, many people like this room to be filled with their own things to make them feel comfortable. However, you should make sure that it is not cluttered and decorations are kept to a minimum, you can do this through using statement pieces such as an elephant trinket box or quirky photo frames!