Fabulous accessories can bring a home to life. Whether it’s the statement picture frame, richly textured throws and cushion covers, a decadent chandelier, or the odd touches of colour in a lampshade or ornament, perhaps some quirky home accessorize, selecting just the right piece for the right place will make all the difference. That’s why one beautiful accessory can make the perfect gift for a housewarming, wedding present or even for a student leaving home for the first time.

An example of how you can use decorative home accessories from Purple Sunrise

Don’t know where to start? Just look around. Accentuate the natural assets of your home. Begin by looking at the features of each room. Notice an alcove, a high ceiling, a mantelpiece. Place a candle in a dark corner. Highlight a picture window. You’ll be surprised what a difference a mirror can make to the light. Pick and choose carefully and you can bring new life to an empty corner.

Get a feel for each room beyond what you can see. Any home will take on the personality of what it’s used for and who inhabits it, which is great when you want to maximise energy and buzz in the living spaces, enhance a rest and reclining area, or create most focus in an office space. Choose the home accessories that will add inspiration to everyday life in your living space.

Sometimes less is more, and choosing just one or two pieces in a minimalist room can be a much stronger look. But if you enjoy a more eclectic feel, you can draw together your own quirky style with a mass of accessories. Bear in mind that presentation is key. Putting them all on a presentation shelf or mantel piece might work, but how about grouping colours or themes and positioning them in strategic places for maximum impact. Think about dimensions and sizes of each accessory. Avoid just making things symmetrical for the sake of it, but there no fixed rules.

Whatever you choose, think about colours, textures, line and shape. Make it a rule of thumb to look for the contrasts and colours in the room and make sure your accessories enhance rather than cause unwanted clashes. Above all, have fun choosing home accessories for yourself as well as gifts for your friends.