New research conducted by Matalan has revealed the possible future for home decoration, where we have robot chefs and self-decorating rooms, allowing us more free time to enjoy leisure activities. But is this really what we want for the future?

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This interesting study took a look at what people are looking for in their homes currently, and made projections of what we will need in the next 30-40 years. It revealed that the main trend emerging was for time saving technology to make everyone’s life a little easier and less stressful. The researchers believe that by 2050, we will be embracing the new technology in full, letting it take on the tasks which we would most like to be rid of, including home decoration.

In your current house, home decoration may be something that you take part in regularly, or rarely, and it takes time, effort and careful consideration. Matalan revealed that 46% of people only re-decorate their home every five years, mainly due to time and money restrictions. In the end, all the effort is worthwhile when you step into your new home paradise and revel in your work with a scented candle glowing in the background.

But, with this technology, you can change the style of your home in seconds, with discreet technology working behind the scenes to create your perfect setting through the use of active contact lenses and intrinsic smart materials, which can change their colour, texture and pattern!

Other features within the home will include domesticated robots, so that the people of the future can spend more time socialising and less time on tiresome tasks, as well as introducing smart furniture that will mould to each individual user’s needs.

“Home technology is constantly evolving, it’s apparent our product offering will be completely different by 2050 – a true insight for our customers on what to expect in their home, within the next 40 years”, commented Chief Marketing Officer for Matalan furniture, Pete Gould.

What do you think? Is smart technology the future for home decoration? We think not - add your own personal style to your home by hand and take a look at our wall art signs and other quirky decoration accessories to create your perfect setting without the need for tedious technology!