For some people, living the dream means having a home that is always clean and tidy, with brand new home accessories and decorations, everything spotless and beautiful. But in the real world, your home needs to be a place for real life. It’s the place where your children will want to play and explore. It’s somewhere you’ll want to entertain and have fun. It’s somewhere you all need to feel relaxed. In short, you need to make your living space work for the whole family.

home decoration image with decorative photo frames

So let’s think about the surfaces in your room and what’s going to work best for you. A statement glass table might look beautiful when it’s uncluttered and polished to a perfect sheen, but what happens when homework, creativity or household admin needs a place to happen. How about a tabletop that can multitask as a two person work-station for revision questions, junk modelling and shopping lists. A robust and battered wooden table that’s seen a bit of life carries its own attraction in a busy kitchen.

If you have young children, the chances are they are going to spread their toys out everywhere they get the chance. A quick tip is to lay down a blanket or lightweight rug on the floor, so that at bedtime the bits and pieces can simply be whisked up in a moment.

Minimise the breakables. Decorative photo frames or candle holders don’t have to be fragile and saved for best. Drinking glasses can be robust and practical and still have style. Your newly finished home decor doesn’t need to leave you terrified of spillages or constantly tidying up behind everyone. Build in storage that’s easy-clean, intuitive and fun to use. Slide well-fitting boxes and baskets into shelves so that everything has its place.

At the end of the day, you want to come home to a place that really feels like home for every member of the family. Design with each person’s needs in mind and make it easy for them to keep their areas efficient and part of what works for everyone. That way your new home decoration will be an investment for a stress-free, healthy lifestyle.