It’s always a good time to think about home decoration. Even if you’ve just finished one room, you can always spot somewhere else in your house that could do with some fresh home decor. A few new home decor accessories, a lick of paint. It’ll make all the difference!

re-vamp your home with home decor accessories

Whether it’s a bedroom, lounge or dining area you’re decorating, here are some top decorating tips that apply across your whole house.

First, decide on the furniture and accessories that are going to sum up the look you’re aiming for. After that you can choose the background wall colour that is likely to best set these off. It’s so much easier to select a shade from a paint range when you can see the tones and shades of the details in the room. Going from the other direction - selecting key items to match the walls - that’s much trickier.

Let home accessories do the talking. Are your photo frames wooden or metallic? Are they frameless or do they favour bold designs? Whatever you have, think about the mood in the room. Is it modern or classical? Are you creating an air of sophistication, or is it very much a family den for messy play and free flow? You can re-purpose existing home accessories or invest in a couple of statement pieces that upgrade the look for a new season. Choosing just the right ornament or cushion cover can transform a room without a big cost.

Consider the lighting. Reading areas will need an extra light - say, by a bed, or in an easy chair. The perfect candle holder can set off any room for some evening glamour. Remember, some accessories like that can be hidden away for key moments, like when you’re entertaining.

Think about the use your family will make of each room. You don’t want to create an area that people are afraid to live in. Use textures and colours to make things snug and comfortable in the lounge, focused for concentration in the study, and making use of careful storage solutions for a minimal feel where you need the space.

Home decoration doesn’t have to be rocket science. Just follow think about the basics and let your personality do the talking. Make your home a place that truly feels like home.