It’s always a big treat when the bathroom is due for a makeover. Even if it literally is the smallest room in your home, it’s still also one that speaks volumes to your guests when they come for a visit and it’s also a tiny secret oasis of refreshment in your living space every day. The bathroom is one of those rooms that will give you the feel of a big change in home decor with only a few careful touches. Here are some ideas to get you started.

plain white bathroom with a glass candle jar

First off, make the right preparations. Remove everything that moves, not just to protect it, but also to remind yourself that some of your accessories and furnishing might have had their day. Beautiful touches of home decor can extend to matching towels, ornaments and small plants and by purchasing a few new items you can completely transform the feel of a room.

Have you thought about adding a photo frame with a favourite picture you’ve taken of a seaside place or something from nature? You could always use a shop bought print, but using your own adds the personal touch.

Candle holders can make all the difference for a relaxing bath, with oils and incense, why not take a look at a hanging glass candle jar? They look simple yet stunning and add a charm to the room. Low lighting and big bubbles could be just the thing with a glass of something chilled on a Friday night in. Tempting isn't it.

Must-have home accessories for bathroom redecorating definitely include a stylish new mirror, whether a wooden frame takes your fancy, or something glitzy and designer. Mirrors are great for making the small bathroom feel more airy and spacious. They spread the light around and can act like another window.

Make sure if you use wallpaper in a bathroom that it is designed for that purpose, or else you might just find that the steam starts to cause the edges to peel. Same goes for bathroom paint. It’s always helpful if you can wipe over surfaces without removing a layer of your beautiful finished walls!

Have you ever tried a spot of tiling? If your splash back behind the taps needs a fresh look, adding a row or two of new tiles can be very simple and a satisfying weekend project.

Home decor can go in any direction you like when you’re designing your bathroom. So give it a go, and make it your own.