Everyone loves receiving gifts, that’s obvious. Just imagine a great big gift-wrapped present tied up with an enormous bow. It’s a stereotypical picture of happiness. But now let’s talk about giving. When’s the last time you gave a gift not because you had to out of duty, but because you just wanted to?

A person giving three small gifts bought from Purple Sunrise

Giving is good for the soul and great for the health, and choosing gifts you know will be perfect can be really fun. It’s not just about the actual object or the price you paid, it’s the thought behind it that makes all the difference. It doesn’t have to be the biggest box of chocolates in the shop, it could be something small and thoughtful to enhance the decor in their home, like an accessory you spotted that you just knew they’d love.

Research has shown giving to be a good idea. Let’s look at a few of them.

First, giving just gets everyone happy. Doing something nice for someone else is a great way to share around the feel good factor. The buzz you get from giving has a chemical basis. The endorphins released when we do something good for someone else is just like the happy rush we receive from chocolate - and without all the calories!

For some people, getting a gift means more to than hearing words or getting a hug? Do you have a friend like that, whose 'love language' is receiving gifts?  A gift can show you care in very special ways. Something for the home will give them something to remember you by every day.

Another reason giving gifts is good is that it keeps us all flowing in our community life. It makes the world go around. If we are just focussed on receiving all the time it can make us cautious about letting go of things. But giving gifts has a positive effect on the way we think about possessions. Generosity helps us keep that healthy balance.

Gifts are a perfect way to let someone know you’ve been thinking about them. How about the accessory you know they’ve had their eye on all year? You could make their day with your thoughtfulness.

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