Himalaya Red Sandalwood Tibetan Incense

Himalaya Red Sandalwood Tibetan Incense

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Satya Jasmine Incense Sticks 15g Box


Lord Buddha Red Sandalwood and Herbs Incense Sticks

Himalaya Red Sandalwood Tibetan Incense

Red Himalaya Tibetan incense sticks
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This incense is composed of 36 different spices and aromatic substances of which nagi, saffron, red sandalwood & white sandalwood, form a part.

The preparation of Trantra (ritual incense) is one of the traditional arts of Nepal. The excellence of Trantra, however, is not merely in the purity of its ingredients, but in the manner of its formulation as well. It is prepared with great care and in accordance with the traditions preserved through the centuries within the monastic orders of Nepal

Each red box contains 100g of Himalayan Red incense, containing approx 44 sticks each.
Sticks are approx 30cm long

Incense handmade in the monasteries of Nepal

Please note:
Himalaya Red incense is hand rolled using traditional monastic methods and contains no wood or bamboo stick.

Tibetan incense requires an incense burner capable of burning solid incense with a larger diameter than stick incense.
Most customers simply place the sticks upright in a small bowl of sand

Tibetan incense:
From ancient times incense has been as an inseparable part of Nepal for offering to the deities, in temples, monasteries and private houses enhance intellectual ability, for mental peace and to balance physical imbalances in one's body.
Incense holds an invaluable role in Buddhist ceremonies and rites and is thought to purify places and people so it has been an indispensable part of Buddhist Services from ancient times.

Each red box contains 100g of Himalay Red incense, containing approx 44 sticks each. 
Sticks are approx 30cm long and do not have a wooden core

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