Decorative Bookends

We offer a variety of different quirky bookend styles, with ornamental bookends, mystical bookends and animal bookends available to buy online that will make your books stand with style. These also make for great gifts for anyone who loves a story!

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  1. silver horses booken pair

    Shiny aluminium silver horse head bookend pair for equine pony rider Learn More
  2. rhino horn bookend set

    silver pewter rhino bookend pair on black base Learn More
  3. gold pineapple bookend pair

    antique gold pineapple bookend pair Learn More
  4. gold octopus bookend pair decoration

    Ornamental gold octopus bookend pair nautical inspired “With its untold depths, couldn't the sea keep alive such huge specimens of life from another age, this sea that never changes while the land masses undergo almost continuous alteration? Couldn't the heart of the ocean hide the last–remaining varieties of these titanic species, for whom years are centuries and centuries millennia?” ― Jules Verne, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea Learn More
  5. terrier dog bookend

    Cast Iron Antiqued Pair of Terrier Bookends Learn More
  6. cast iron toucan bookend

    cast iron toucan bookewnd pair for shelf display, famous guinness advert bird Learn More
  7. golden bookend angel wing design

    gold angel wing bookend pair Learn More
  8. ssh i'm reading bookend pair in heavy cast bronze

    Design Clinic reading bookend pair of funny characters Learn More
  9. gold pineapple bookend pair

    Ornamental gold pineapple bookend pair Learn More
  10. painted elephant bookend pair

    Cast Iron Antiqued Pair of elephant bookends Learn More

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10 Item(s)

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