Quirky Standing Decor

We offer a range of standing decor ornaments to personalise your home, or to give as a quirky gift, suitable for any occasion. Add a quirky element to your home with our standing decor, we offer unusual items to furnish your home, ensuring you make your house feel like your home.

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  1. green ceramic cacti ornament

    green ceramic saguaro cactus home decor ornament Learn More
  2. slim-ceramic-vase-painted-tropical-jungle-scene

    Hand painted jungle design slim ceramic vase. FREE UK delivery Learn More
  3. ceramic green pineapple crown ornament

    green ceramic pineapple crown leaves ornament Learn More
  4. hand-blown-green-stripe-glass-bottle

    Hand Blown Green Stripe Glass Bottle Learn More
  5. barrel cactus ornament

    green ceramic barrel cactus home decor ornament Learn More
  6. green-ceramic-cactus-vase

    small green cactus vase Learn More
  7. green-ceramic-artichoke-ball-ornament

    green ceramic artichoke ornament decor Learn More
  8. quirky-green-cabbage-leaf-ceramic-vase

    green cabbage leaf design ceramic vase Learn More
  9. green leaves ceramic bowl decor

    Green leaf ceramic bowl Learn More
  10. green-ceramic-horse-head-ornament

    Dark jade ceramic horse head Learn More

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10 Item(s)

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